Vim Racer
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The Speed-Based Vim Game

The goal of the game is to navigate to every target as quickly as possible. You have access to every vim motion command, so the most efficient time will make use of them. To start the race, click reset. Now your browser will be focused on the editor, so you can immediately starting using vim motions like 'w'.

Thank you for playing, and any feedback is greatly encouraged through our reddit community!

Race Type: 20 Targets (Introduction of JPEG)

PositionUsernameTime TakenNPMEditorKeys Used

What music should I listen to while playing vim racer?

80s pop hits 😎. The game's design is loosely inspired by the 80s: neon fashion and a pixel art font.

Why do the line numbers always start at 0 relative to the cursor?

The editor uses relative line numbers by default. In the future, users will be able to toggle this setting on or off.

Why does the leaderboard reject scores with a time taken <1 seconds?

I'm still learning how to best regulate this game, and I'm learning more about how capable the community is; a very talented and avid user 'how', recently demonstrated that <2 seconds is a legit score. The game is trying to measure how well a user can navigate through text, manually, so while a <20ms score demonstrates resourcefulness with VIM, it is against the spirit of the game. Vim-racer might evolve; instead of just variations in targets, there might be truly different game types. Perhaps, there could be two leaderboards, one capped and one uncapped. For now, dev resources are limited, so I'd like to keep the leaderboard accessible to scores obtained by pure navigation 🙂

Why can I only change my username once every hour?

En lieu of full account creation, the rate limiting keeps the leaderboard from filling up. I'm hoping that the leaderboard can be a space where everyone submits their best score.

Can vim-racer be used as a learning resource?

Vim-racer is a great resource for learning new vim motions. Each race type has a tip to help you learn the efficient path to navigating through the targets. Also, each leaderboard entry contains the keys used by a competitor to set the highscore. You can analyze those key sequences to learn new vim motions, and to improve at vim navigation!